A lot going on!

Sorry been awhile since we have posted. Just have a lot going on. Not to mention our computer when down and had to get a new one. Thankfully we recovered all files and are ready to go again!

Few quick updates:

  1. Daily Fun Bee Fact is going to become Weekly Fun Bee Fact. Just can’t keep up with doing one daily.
  2. Bees Arrived and are installed! Below are some pictures.

  3. We are getting ready to launch our Honeybees.Earth Youtube Channel, no videos posted yet, but be sure to visit the link above and subscribe to be notified of our first video.
  4. Working starting work on our sister site ChooseToBeGreen.org
    Will be tips on what you can do to help live a little greener and hopefully help keep this pretty planet we call home be around a bit longer.
  5. Just checked hives, honey comb is being added to frames. Tomorrow I hope to do my first mite treatment and actually look for the queen or more likely for eggs.

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