HoneyBees.Earth’s mission  is making the Earth more bee-friendly through responsible beekeeping practices, education, and community outreach. Starting with our local community of Blue Ash Ohio.

Bees are vital to maintaining our sustainable food supply – one in every three bites of food we eat is made possible by bees and other pollinators. And they’re dying off at alarming rates.


Who Are We

Honeybees.Earth is currently a family run blog about Honeybee Education and our experience as beginner beekeepers. We hope to one day growth this hobby into  more of an educational non- profit organization, educating young and old on the importance of bees to our environment.   Fostering more beehives and help save the planet one hive at a time, starting with our own.

Meet the Family

Kyle has his Masters in Educational Leadership, though he hasn’t taught in a classroom for several years, he misses it and still has a passion for educational technology. He is also passionate about the environment and what condition it will be in for his children and future grandchildren.

His day job is being a Senior Director of Marketing and Sales Operations  and volunteers with the bee and equestrian animals at Gorman’s Heritage Farm.  Kyle is an avid armature photographer and lover of wine and all things honey.

Kyle is married and the father of two children one still at home and the other a former University of Cincinnati student now working for Apple.

Kyra is Kyle’s daughter and is a 10 year Tween (sometime Drama Tween). Kyra’s passion is horses and hopes to one day be a horse vet with her own stable of horses. She is also a cheerleader, a girl scout, and a Potterhead who does an awesome Hermione impression.

She rides weekly at Winton Woods Riding Center and also volunteers at Gorman’s Heritage Farm with the equestrian animals and rabbits.

Tresha Lewis has her Masters in Marketing and works at the University of Cincinnati. She has over 10 years of experience helping college students connect with and navigate university and workplace settings.

Specialties include: Resumes, Cover Letters, References, Interviewing Skills, Salary Negotiation, Networking, Job Search Strategies, Email Etiquette, Event Organization, Small Group Facilitation, Presentations, Connecting great talent with excellent companies, Data Collection & Analysis.

Tresha is also a distributor of Lipsense and is always happy to talk lips. In her spare time Tresha works with Alzheimer patients, with the hope a cure will be found someday.



A lot going on!

Sorry been awhile since we have posted. Just have a lot going on. Not to mention our computer when down and had to get a new one. Thankfully we recovered all files and are ready to go again! Few quick updates: Daily Fun Bee Fact is going to become Weekly Fun Bee Fact. Just can’t …


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